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Amino Acids Facts and Benefits

27.12.21 05:36 AM By letsconnect

This article gives you a run through on the basic facts related to amino acids and their importance in our body.


As we all know that to stay alive our body needs food but to build muscles that body should be rich in protein. 20% of our body is made of protein. Amino acids play important role in building structure of proteins. These biomolecules are involved in several biological and chemical functions in a human body and are the necessary ingredients for the growth and development of human body.


The main element of protein is amino acid. They repair our muscles to the cellular level. Amino acids are essential protein especially for growing up children and athletes. Here is a fact-file about amino acids to increase your knowledge.


Amino acids are divided into 2 groups

1.  Essential

2.  Non-essential

Essential amino acids are not made in our body, so they have to be consumed daily through food, and non-essential amino acids are found in our liver.


Mainly amino acids are divided in 20 parts.

Non-essential amino acids


2. Alanine

3. Glutamine

4. Arginine


6. Glycine


8. Aspartic


10. Proline



Essential amino acids




4. Phenylanine







Major sources of amino acids: Soybean, chicken, meat, fish, eggs, cashew, sesame, black mulberry, sunflower seeds, proof cereals, oats, raisins, peanuts etc.


Benefit of amino acids


For hair: Our hair is made up of 88% of keratin and we need protein for keratin this protein is obtained from 18 types of amino acids which are important for making your hair grow.


For exercise: A study has claimed that if you use amino acid before workout, either through supplementation or through food rich in amino acids then it will help in increasing your body anabolic. It does help in strengthening your muscles.


For the skin: With increasing age, with lack of collagen in your skin, wrinkles are start appearing on your face. Amino acids reduce your wrinkles and help to hide aging and hence, make you look younger.


For health:  With the beginning of the day, our energy start decreasing, due to which we feel tired. Amino acids help in reducing fatigue and help in treating insomnia.


For prevention of disease:  Leucine isoleucine and valine acid have anti- inflammatory properties, which are effective in reducing the swelling of our muscles and joints, are also useful for treating inflammation in liver, arthritis and diabetes.



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